Rabu, 16 Januari 2019

ShowHand Giveaway

300 Million ShowHand Giveaway!! @showhandio Hand is a very active project on CMC! It's also the first attempt for EtherFlyer to use a Telegram bot to do airdrop! Talk to🤖http://bit.ly/2MdvsZo… … 🤖now! More fun on airdrop adventure is coming! Details: https://etherflyer.zendesk.com/…/360014110793-Second-Round-… …
<> Join Airdrops TelegramBot SHowHand
<> Link : http://bit.ly/2MdvsZo
<> Follow EtherFlyer Twitter (Mandatory)(1000 entries)
<> Follow ShowHand Twitter (1000 entries)
<> Retweet activity on Twitter (1000 entries)
<> Join EtherFlyer Airdrop Channel (Mandatory)(1000 entries)
<> Join ShowHand Telegram Group (Mandatory)(1000 entries)
<> Input EtherFlyer wallet Address
<> Submit Your Details


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