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Kamis, 21 Februari 2019

Rento (RTO) Airdrop

Airdrop Starts 2018-11-29
Airdrop Ends 2019-02-28
Airdrop Link: Go To Airdrop
Total Value: 4,100,000 RTO
Platform: ETH

🚀 Rento (RTO) airdrop
🎁 83 tokens
💰10 $
⏳ Ends In :

🔹Visit The Rento Aidrop Page
🔹Click On "Let's GO"
🔹Submit Your Details and Sign up For The Airdrop
🔹Join Their Telegram Group.
🔹Follow Them On Facebook.
🔹Follow Them On Medium.
🔹Follow Them On Instagram.
🔹Subscribe to their Reddit Page.
🔹Complete more tasks from their Airdrop page and Earn up to 560 Entries (83 RTO).
🔹Also, Earn 200 entries for each referral.
🔹The number of tokens you receive is depended upon the number of entries you earn.
🔹Complete more tasks and earn more entries to earn more RTO tokens.
🔹Top 20,000 participants with the most points will receive additonal rewards.

Monarchtoken Airdrop round 2

🚀 Btmore airdrops
🎁 100 MTP tokens + 20 MTP tokens for each referral
💰 Est. value $10 + ($2) for each referral
💹 Level: Easy
🌠 Rating: 3/5
⏳ Ends in:

🔹Chat on Btmore's Telegram Bot
🔹Join AirdropBob's Telegram Group (optional)
🔹Follow AirdropBob's Twitter Channel (optional)

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Xcoynz Final Round

🚀 Xcoynz Final Round
🎁 140 XCNZ Tokens + 60 XCNZ
💰 Est. value ($7) + ($3) for each referral
💹 Level: Easy
🌠 Rating: 4/5
⏳ Ends in:

🔹Go to the airdrop page http://bit.ly/2BLE7hH
🔹Submit your name, email and ETH address
🔹Join Telegram group and Telegram channel
🔹Follow Twitter and retweet the pinned tweet
🔹Share XCOYNZ graphic image on any crypto group with at least 1000 followers
🔹Submit your details to the form

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⚡️ Very good ICObench and ICOmarks ratings

Jumat, 01 Februari 2019

Digibyte Airdrops

🎁 Free 5000 DGB

How To Claim ?
    ✅ Register using email. 
    ✅ Confirm email 
    ✅ Login email and password
    ✅ Check balance
    ✅ done, 5000 DGB
    ✅ Can be invested
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Rabu, 30 Januari 2019

3DAX Airdrops

🚀 3DX Airdrops
🎁 Free 17600 3DX
💵 10$ + 7040 3DX Ref

How To Claim ?
    🔹  Join Telegram Group & Channel
    🔹 Follow on Twitter 
    🔹 Retweet Twitter post
    🔹 Copy designated article and tag 2 friends tweet on Twitter
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GenesisToken Airdrops

🚀 GenesisToken Aidrops
🎁 Free 100,000 GENT
🔘 Hobit

How To claim ?

    🔹 Enter Your Email Address
    🔹 Follow Twitter Enter your Twitter profile link
    🔹 Retweet & tag 5 friends then enter your retweet link
    🔹 Join the telegram group then enter your telegram username
    🔹 Enter the referral username 👉 @remok_remok
    🔹 Enter address erc20
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Coinchase Trial Fund

💵 $500  + $1000  Ref   For Exist user and New users 🤑
ICOBench [4.6/5]

▪️Start Trial Fund : https://coinchase.com/c/pIdjVY6H

1️⃣  Click “Trial Fund” on Coinchase
        ---Get $500 Trial Fund
2️⃣Invite 1 friend Sign up on Coinchase
        ---Get $1000 Trial Fund (Top 3 Invite valid)
3️⃣Tweet this tweet : https://ctt.ac/tNXc6
4️⃣Fill the form:http://bit.ly/2TgIPKX
        ---Get $500 Extra
5️⃣ Join Telegram for more Trial Fund: https://t.me/coinchase_global

You will get $4000 Trial Fund from Coinchase
The Interest can be withdrawn immediately.

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