Rabu, 23 Januari 2019

Dacc Airdrop

If you join DACC official CATBOOK, you get 50000 DACC !
Cacao Deck Entry Bonus Description:
1. At the end of the event, you will post a link to collect your wallet address and you will be rewarded by submitting your wallet address to that link. If you do not submit your wallet address, you will not receive the bonus.
2. You may not enter your wallet address incorrectly or you will not receive a bonus when you enter a new room with a different KATTOK status.
3. You will be eligible to win the lottery after joining DACC's latest official Cacao Deck. Prizes will be paid by drawing 1,2,3 in the lottery.


Invitation Event : If you enter Welette address below, a new link will be created. If you send this link to a friend, you will be rewarded accordingly.
Your invited friend gets 50000 DACC !
When you invite 1-50 friends, you get 5000 DACC per person !
50-200 When you invite friends, you get 8000 DACC per person !
When you invite more than 200 friends, you get 10,000 DACC per person !

It is recommended to enter your personal e-mail address. If you use the exchange eDATA address, DACC must be the DACC address of the listed exchanges.

Please note: If the invitee is in the room, he must stay in the room continuously, and he will not receive the bonus if he does not get in or out of the room.

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beware of scammer